Connoisseur – Over the Edge (Tankcrimes)

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Even though I don’t share, or understand, their obsession with the Hippie Lettuce, I dig the hell out of the tunes that Connoisseur have dedicated to the subject of the daily, global 4AM communion. Over the Edge throws Breakdown, Black Flag, Minutemen, Rudimentary Peni, Logical Nonsense and Six Feet Under into the Connoisseur resin grinding, musical melting pot, before stuffing it into a V8 powered bong, smoking the crap out of the constituent ingredients and playing the heck out of the tunes that the Gods of Sativa transmitted directly into their brains at the apex of their collective high. Whether you believe in the power of weed or not, Over the Edge is a fully (bong) loaded and fully laden, heavy as hell slab of Hardcore Heaven that, much like cannabis (if that’s your bag), will help you get through the day and put a shit eating grin back on your face. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em… Tim Cundle

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