Companion – Unbroken (1054 Records)


Carved from the same heavy-weight Hardcore mould as Ryker’s, Stampin’ Ground, Terror and Turmoil, Companion only know how to do one thing. And that kids, is how to bring the pain with old school metal-core beatdown, pit anthems. And nobody, much like Carly Simon once said about 007, does it better than Companion. Focussed, intense, raw and bursting with energy, Unbroken walks its single-minded path and leaves a pile of broken bodies in its unrepentant wake. Companion don’t pull their punches and almost certainly don’t give a fuck if you don’t like, or don’t get, them, because they make music for the faithful. They play for the Hardcore true believers and Unbroken is a new testament for those who remember how good HC was, is and can be, to embrace and cherish and believe in. Hardcore for life… Tim Cundle

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