Come Closer – Pretty Garbage (Pirates Press Records)

Come Closer is the name of a new project delivered straight from the home of one J.Wang (AKA Jimmy Elmore). If you remember a band called Tiltwheel, J was an integral component. I think lockdown/ being stuck at home has been a time for reflection for many, and this collection of songs has got a sound that fits. It has that cosy “home-recorded” sound, with a lot of acoustic and clean sounding guitars and mellow vocals. One thing I love about these type of projects is that they let the protagonist’s vision shine through undiluted. You don’t have to chop and change things to suit the other members of the band!

This has a real sun-drenched feel, think Beach Boys (not the surf songs) mixed with some classic Gilman St. era bands (Cringer, Samiam, all those goodies) and a bit of that Lemonheads style. You know when punk was exploring boundaries and taking the listener on a different musical journey. Anyway I am getting carried away, but that is kind of what this record does. It takes you out of the cold dark Winter and transports you to a brighter place, so for that, thank you J. Wang! The recordings are nicely rounded off with contributions from Davie Tiltwheel and Chris Prescott (Pinback, No Knife, Rocket From The Crypt) and it is the perfect place to go and lose yourself for a half hour or so. Tom Chapman

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