Cobra Skulls – Eat Your Babies (Digital Only) (Red Scare)


For everyone pining for the much missed Cobra Skulls, there’s some good news. Red Scare pleaded with the band for permission to make their “pretty shitty” (their words not mine) debut release available on a digital platform for the first time. Eat Your Babies was originally self-released with 500 discs pressed so that the band had something to sell at shows.

I don’t think there will be any complaints about these fine tunes seeing a new lease of life as this is about as good a slab of raw melodic punk that you’re likely to find anywhere. The ten song collection expertly showcases their blend of folk tinged punk with the occasional western twang. Nice short sharp blasts that have the same energy and urgency as New Bomb Turks for example. One thing I can’t get out of my head is how much vocalist Devin Peralta reminds me of Ben Deily on Lemonheads’ debut album Hate Your Friends. The same throaty rawness applied to an inherent sense of melody.

You can hear influences left, right and centre, but that just contributes to the Cobra Skulls melting pot sound and keeps things varied. It’s pretty eerie that on a record that’s now fifteen years old, there’s a song called Cobra Skulls Lockdown, so if ever there was an apt time to give these tunes a new lease of life, that time is most definitely now. Tom Chapman

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