Cinema Cinema – Man Bites Dog (Dullest Records/Labelship)

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Long ago, in the year 2008, cousins Ev Gold and Paul Claro united to form Cinema Cinema. This powerful musical duo combines…well…sound?..  Let me try again. Brash, abrasive and utterly captivating, CC experiments with music in a way that would be nearly impossible for a larger group. Proving that they are never predictable, Man Bites Dog is a slice of sonic madness that even branches out enough to include saxophone in parts (provided by the talented Matt Darriau). I’d love to mention which is my favorite song out of the seven but they’re all just so damn good… Perhaps I should attempt to describe their sound from my point of view just so you know what a treat you’re in for. Cinema Cinema is a punk/metal band with experimental tendencies. Ev’s raw, uncompromising vocals are perfect for the type of music they create/destroy. The blending of Paul’s drums and Ev’s guitar are so devilishly delightful that I’ve even quit ragging them about their lack of a bass player. Jim Dodge

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