Christmas/Bronco – Split 7” (Sixteen Times Music/Lux Noise)


In tough times it’s always nice to have some constants to fall back on. Germany’s Christmas are one of those constants in so far as they just release great punk rock records. They also have a massive penchant for making sure they give vinylophiles something to cream their jeans over and this latest split with Swiss noise bastards Bronco ticks all the boxes. 

Once you’ve got past the future Playgirl cover picture of Christmas frontman Max, naked and prone, and slapped this seven incher on the deck you’ve got in their track Candy Me is just over two minutes of high octane punk rock perfection.  Doffing a leather cap to Turbonegro and The Dwarves in equal measures, this was a closing highlight on their recent Hot Nights In Saint Vandal LP and further serves the fact that you should own that too.  Not to be outdone Bronco also offer up a great track. Got to be honest and admit I’d never heard them before this record but will definitely be exploring further. Like a mash-up between Red Fang and The Bronx, this slow burner really does hit the spot.  A bit like Cancer Bats but with stronger weed, Cowboy is a belter.

So while the world goes to shit, head over to the band’s bandcamp page and grab one of the few copies left of this fine opus, or just grab a download and let it rip. Darrel Sutton

Grab the 7” here

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