Child – Shitegeist (Suicide Records)

Over the years Sweden has spat out some of the heaviest, fastest and downright gnarliest punk, hardcore and grind that the scene has to offer. From the likes of Nasum and Regurgitate to Wolfbrigade and Raised Fist, not forgetting of course, the hugely influential Entombed. Combining the best of all those bands come Child whose debut last year ‘Meditations in Filth’ caused quite a stir within heavy music circles for it’s sheer ferocity. Eager to capitalise on that, the band are now primed to unveil ‘Shitegeist’ on the world.

As the title track kicks in with singer Jocke Lindströmd declaring that “everything sucks, everything’s fucked” you can pretty much see the tone that the guys are going for and whilst this is for the most part a grindcore/powerviolence record, there are some unexpected melodic and industrial parts in tracks like ‘Creative Inventions Of Killing’ offering a new layer to the overall tone of the record. ‘Tin Foil Party People’ (excellent title by the way)sees the band split between D-Beat Punk and Black Metal while tracks like ‘I Will Refuse’ and ‘Shame, Smite and Subside’ combine Ministry style bass lines, with the unbridled rage of Dropdead. The band do slow it down for last track ‘Swiper’ but this just gives them a heavier edge as a crunching guitar riff stomps it’s way to the end of the album.

‘Shitegeist’ is something of an ode to the heaviosity of music, taking it’s most twisted aspects and channeling it into an album that fans of Punk, Grind, Noise, Hardcore, Death Metal and Black Metal will all find something to enjoy. A heavier album you will not hear this year and on so many different levels too….Chris Andrews



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