Cheerbleederz – Lobotany E.P. (Alcopop! Records)

When handed the latest EP from a band called Cheerbleederz, I was half expecting leather and double, even triple denim, and a hark back to the heavy metal golden days of MTV’s Headbangers Ball. How wrong could one be? The London trio deliver whimsical indie pop on this, their second release for Alcopop! Records. Had it not been for the label and their Helen Love connection, there was a good chance this extended play would’ve passed me by. Although way out of my garage rock ‘n’ roll comfort zone here, I’m most certainly glad I pricked up my bruised and battered ears and took a punt on giving Lobotany a spin.

I hate the term supergroup, so let’s just say that Cheerbleederz have pedigree as they’ve cut their chops with Happy Accidents, FRESH and Finish Flag. As the rain pours on this dank January, Lobotany delivers four slices of sun drenched, sugar sweet and crisp indie pop. The vocals lie somewhere between Saint Etienne’s Sarah Cracknell and the Cornish/Welsh singing sensation, and ex Pipette, Gwenno. There’s a certain vulnerability to the Cheerbleederz songwriting and that certainly adds to the charm as they sing about experiences of women and marginalised people. The result is a compelling listen that gets better with repeated plays. If minimalistic lo-fi floats your boat, then you could do a lot worse than to let Kathryn, Phoebe and Sophie into your life. Ginge Knievil

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