Cavorts – Got Your Brass

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Cavorts – Got Your Brass (In At The Deep End)
Pavements covered in trash and vomit. Houses abandoned and nailed shut. Streetlights casting eerie shadows on the wet asphalt. A city in distress, a society in need. That\’s the reality of the gritty rock n roll, where the likes of old ­Iron Maiden and Sick Of It All have left their marks. Every song tries to free itself from the barbed wire it\’s caught up in, which leads to painful sounds and strange, electrifying dance moves. It also makes sense, as Cavorts perfectly portray the underbelly of modern day society, where everything seems all right, but something\’s festering beneath the surface which is only skin deep. The title track opens this can of frustration like police car which has just turned the corner, after which it\’s a relentless riot to the very end. A great journey where screaming vocals and ancient metal riffs take you by the hand. Martijn Welzen

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