Castro – S/T

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Castro – S/T 7\” (Kong Tiki/ Boss Tuneage)
With Castro, Norwegian punk/ hardcore has got a massive shining new jewel in its crown. For me this is a no-brainer since they feature on vocals Katja, who sang in the incredible Life…But How To Live It? One of THE best female-fronted punk/ hardcore bands around, something would have to had gone drastically wrong for this one not to rock! Of course that is not the case, but Castro brings their own identity to the table. Highly melodic but hard and with a dark melancholic edge, this record marries punk with rock – more straight forward than LBHTLI but plenty of character. All three songs are memorable but \”Glass House\” stands out as an ambitious tune that packs emotion and atmosphere onto one side of the disc. These are a bit of a supergroup, also featuring ex members of the likes of Angkor Wat, Funny Farm and Israelvis, but Castro more than stand on their own merits. A full length has come out since this EP, and I need to get that record immediately! Tom Chapman

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