HDQ – When Worlds Collide


HDQ – When Worlds Collide 7\” (Boss Tuneage)
Sunderland\’s HDQ maintain the high quality set by last year\’s comeback EP and album with two new tunes on a shiny white piece of vinyl. Putting pen to paper to write a few words about such releases is always difficult as unless the band has decided to go and completely reinvent their musical style, then you\’re going to know what to expect. HDQ\’s weapon is and always has been the guitar work of Dickie Hammond and the way he manages to maintain that very distinct melodic style, without overshadowing the rest of the band. There is a resurgence in UK bands playing this kind of style with the likes of Epic Problem, BuzzorHowl and Holiday creating waves, so HDQ need to stay on top of their game, which I am happy to say they have mroe than achieved with this EP. Tom Chapman

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