Captain Marvel Prelude – Will Corona Pilgrim, Andrea Di Vito, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Margaret Stohl, Roy Thomas, John Buscema, Gene Conlan & More (Marvel)

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We’re mere days away from the big screen debut of Captain Marvel, so it’s a pretty good time to properly acquaint yourself with Ms Danvers before the movie hits the cinemas . If you haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War then here’s your spoiler alert; but really it’s been out nearly a year-call yourself a comic book fan? If you have seen it  then you may be wondering who in blue hell Nick Fury could be seen frantically calling, before Thanos turned him into a pile of ash. The popular theory is that it’s Captain Marvel. But who is Captain Marvel?

Luckily Marvel have your back with Captain Marvel: Prelude, which shares some of Carol Danvers history. The book is more of a compilation of firsts rather than one big back story, but it’s a great introduction to the character as it actually takes us through Infinity War first, via Captain America Civil War, and finishes right at the point I eluded to earlier, as it provides some insight into what Mr Fury has been up to between Avengers movies. We’re then treated to Carol’s first appearance from 1977 and subsequent issues from 2006 and 2012, which also give valuable insight into her background.

Marvel were never going to give away any future storylines, which is a tad frustrating, even a teaser would have been nice and none of Captain Marvel’s classic encounters are included, but it makes for an excellent starting point and serves to whet the appetite just a little bit more in anticipation of the movie. And if the movie is as good as the books then we’re in for a real treat… Chris Andrews

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