Cancerslug – Rape Fantasy (Self)

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Earlier this year Alex Story, the singer/songwriter for Huntsville, Alabama band Cancerslug, promised he would release a new album entitled Human Traffic Jams in the coming months. Unfortunately his other band, Doyle, with former Misfit Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, has kept him touring the world constantly. In order to fulfill part of that promise he released Human Traffic Jams: Demo and Acoustic Versions a couple of months ago. Now that it appears he will still not be able to make good on his promise for a full-length studio album he has given the Slug Cult another treat, Rape Fantasy. This one also includes some acoustic and demo versions of CS songs, both new and classic. The three chapters are: Chapter 1 (live 2018), Chapter 2 (acoustic demos), and Chapter 3 (live 2008). The only 2018 show I’m aware of before this release is their opening slot for Doyle back in March, which I enthusiastically attended. Seeing both Cancerslug and Doyle on the same night was fucking amazing, though I’m sure Alex was exhausted by the end of the night. That being said let me get back on track…

I’m not sure how many ways there are for me to say that I love the music of Alex Story. Rape Fantasy is yet another great look at this wonderful band. For those of you who may not be familiar with Cancerslug I’ll share a few song titles so you get the gist. Bloodlust, D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F., Safe Space Anal Rape, Father Demon… the list is long and so far I haven’t heard a CS song I don’t like. The demos are a tantalizing look behind the curtain and the live songs give you a good solid gut punch just like the band does live. This entire long-winded review is just a way for me to say that I love Cancerslug and I love this album. While I still to someday hear Human Traffic Jams in its entirety, Rape Fantasy is a tasty appetizer for any true ‘Slug. RISE! Jim Dodge

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