Cancerslug – Human Traffic Jams: Demo and Acoustic Versions (Self-Release)

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Cancerslug may have started out as a Misfits clone but over the years (and through many albums) they have become a phenomenon. Their rabid fans, called Slugs (short for Slugcult) eagerly give up time and money to purchase CDs, digital downloads, shirts, concert tickets and anything else Alex Story and  company release and enthusiastically share show dates and other promotional materials for the band. Alex reciprocates by being very cool to his fans. He chats with them online, hangs out with them at shows and even determines what to release based on what he thinks the ‘Cult wants. That leads us to Cancerslug’s newest release Human Traffic Jams: Demo and Acoustic Version. Alex promised his fans a new album this spring entitled Human Traffic Jams but was unable to record and produce this gem due to his touring schedule with Doyle. In order to show the Slugcult that he fully intends to make good on his assurances he has given us this demo version to whet our appetites for the full meal later this year.

Human Traffic Jams: Demo and Acoustic Version is Cancerslug in raw form, harkening back to the early days of the band. The songs are raw and lack that final shine the band will give them when they enter the studio late this summer. Still, these songs are awesome. These tracks have the catchy, raunchy sound that fans, myself included, have come to know and love. The acoustic and rough demo versions serve to offer a glimpse behind the curtain to see what shape the songs have taken early on in the writing and recording process. This insight will allow us to more fully appreciate the final versions when they hit the airwaves (and Amazon, iTunes, et cetera). Also, this album has no older songs from previous releases  reworked and rerecorded; rather, Human Traffic Jams: Demo and Acoustic Version is chock full of new songs, twenty of them to be exact. Song titles like You Ain’t Shit, Safe Space/ Anal Rape and I Hate Your Kids should assure you that Alex Story hasn’t gone soft even though he has gotten older. I think D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. is my current favorite but, damn it, there are too many great songs to say which one will be my favorite tomorrow. Jim Dodge

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