Cancerslug – Battle Hymns III (Slugcult)


On March 20th, long time Cancerslug drummer Mike (Sixx Pack) Horgan died. Alex Story, singer/songwriter for CS was already working on the third compilation in the Battle Hymns series when this happened and delayed release until he could add more tracks that featured Mike’s drumming. The result is a wonderful tribute to a fallen brother.

Battle Hymns III is chock full of deep cuts and fan favorites, though, to be fair, all Cancerslug songs are fan favorites. One of the best things about these comps is that they document the evolution of the band as Alex Story finds new takes on old songs. What for most musical artists are rare glimpses behind the curtain are regular views into the life and mind of Huntsville’s finest talent. This is why ‘Slugs (members of Cancerslug’s fan club called the ‘Slug Cult) buy every single album CS releases with such overwhelming enthusiasm, myself included.

If you have never heard of or listened to any of Cancerslug’s previous releases, now is the time to rectify that error. Grab a copy of Battle Hymns III and discover a whole new world of delightfully devious depravity. Jim Dodge

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