Sore Teeth – Products of Violence (Cleveland Records)

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Drawing influences from across the Hardcore punk spectrum Hampshire’s Sore Teeth have been making waves in the U.K Hardcore scene in recent years and are back with an album of tunes that will possibly become your favourites very soon. Products of Violence is the band’s second full length offering and it’s just what you are looking for in a modern Hardcore album. Sure they’ll sing about society’s ills and there are a few threats on the way, but they also inject a healthy amount of humour into their work and even more so in a live setting.

So what do they sound like? Well if Terror had been brought up in the eighties thrash scene, then you’d be in the right ballpark, but to pigeonhole them like that would be doing them an injustice as there is a lot to digest here. Kicking off with the awesome mid-tempo groove of Sad Generation you will find a mind numbingly good riff the other S.T would be proud to call their own. While Smile with its big Brooklyn style gang vocals and general bounciness, has a certain Biohazard vibe to it. The band’s collective anger is vented with the “fuck you” of Twisted Truth while Shut Up is the band’s call to arms in the mosh pit, with a galloping riff, that breaks down into a ferocious two step opportunity. There’s an old school punk attitude to Spit In Your Face which the band are able to bring to the table quite comfortably, as is the circle pit inducing, thrash styling’s of Let’s Start A Riot. This continues with an S.O.D style ode in Alien Invasion before we are hit with Drinking Song. A live favourite which brings everybody together in a drunken slur along, in a way only The Business has managed before.

It’s an album with a number of influences, which in some cases can be a little bit off putting, but the Sore Teeth boys have pulled it all together and made it work. It’s one of those album’s that’s guarantee to have something on it for you, regardless of your chosen brand of Hardcore. A damn fine album, by a damn fine bunch of lads. Join this S.T army now... Chris Andrews

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