Brody’s Militia – Early Days Discography (Horror Pain Gore Death)

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Remember when, way back in the day, Spazz covered Youth of Today’s Stabbed in the Back? Well, if Youth of Today had upped sticks, moved to Umea and then turned the tables on Spazz and played hyper-fast, power-violence infused Hardcore, then the end product would sound almost exactly like Brody’s Militia do. That is, it’d sound incredible. And over the course of the relentlessly frantic, nerve shredding sixty (yes, that’s right, I said sixty) tracks of breakdown and mosh part littered HC that make up Early Days Discography, Brody’s Militia prove that they should have been contenders for the heavy weight Hardcore crown of the world. Lightning quick and catchier than veganism in a Hare Krishna temple, Early Days Discography is a brooding, swirling mass of anger, energy and intensity and it’s everything that Hardcore should be. Short, fast and loud… Tim Cundle

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