Bring The Complete Bloom County Home – Berkeley Breathed’s Magnum Opus Collected Like Never Before…

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Debuting in 1980, Bloom County by Berkeley Breathed has become a cultural cornerstone of the comics medium. For nine years readers reveled in the exploits of Opus the Penguin, Bill the Cat, Steve Dallas, Milo Bloom, Cutter John, and many more iconic, quirky characters making it one of the most popular comic strips of all time, appearing in over 1,200 newspapers across the country, and garnering a Pulitzer Prize for Berkeley along the way.

Now, for the first time, the entire run is available in a deluxe, over-sized, two-volume package:

Bloom County: Real, Classy, & Compleat 1980 – 1989

Presented in chronological order, this definitive edition is an essential package for fans of the beloved series.

“I told them not to print every single one in a single boxed set,” said Berkeley Breathed. “People’s heads will blow up. Mine almost did and I drew them.”

Bloom County: Real, Classy, & Compleat 1980 – 1989 is available in stores and online today through finer retailers.


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