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Sorry the pun literally made itself. Whether you like a storm (trooper) in a teacup, or a strong brew, this is the mug for you. Feel the full force of glorious tea, wherever you are. If you like your tea on the dark-side or a little milky way on the light-side this official licensed Star Wars Chewbacca mug is perfect for you daily dose of tea….or coffee.

This cool concept is from the design guru’s Meta Merch and this sure fire collectable looks the part in any kitchen, in any galaxy. It’s a fact, Tea tastes better in a Star Wars mug. So whatever fancy tea your sipping, brew it in this intergalactic Chewbacca mug and the rest is history.


The handle shaped like an arm is something else, stunning and unique. The hairy and furry Chewbacca is guaranteed to leave no hairs in your tea.  Slurp if you must, but this mug is the best in the galaxy. 

The Meta Merch Chewbacca Mug cost £9.99 from

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