One of the most infamous UFO abduction stories occurred in 1961 in the backwoods of New Hampshire, U.S.A. Barney and Betty Hill’s abduction case is the thing of nightmares and provided the blueprint for the worlds collective take on what an alien abduction entails. A simple couple, the Hills testimony to the events of that September evening has stood the test of time, with irrefutable evidence, including Betty’s ability to accurately explain a star chart that before that night had remained undiscovered.

Driving back from a vacation in Montreal, the couple spotted a light in the sky, which was initially written off as a shooting star, until they realised that the light was in fact, getting larger and more disturbingly, it seemed to be following them. Having stopped to observe the phenomenon, Barney wrote it off as a commercial airliner and they continued their journey. Further along their journey, the object quickly descended on their vehicle forcing the Hills to come to a stop. With the craft above them, the Hills reported seeing “humanoid looking figures” peering out of the windows and even communicating with them telepathically. Feeling a series of tingling sensations, while the car vibrated violently, the couple would eventually find themselves 35 miles away with no knowledge of how they got there. A series of dreams, hypnotherapy sessions and investigations in the coming weeks and years, unveiled the whole horror of the night, becoming one of the most notable alien abduction cases in history.

Now Dark Horse along with writer James Tynion IV are bringing together some of the more notorious stories for a fascinating collection named “Blue Book,” which it’s safe to assume is taken from the famous “Project Blue Book” investigations undertaken by Dr Alan Hynek in the 50’s and 60’s. Tynion’s previous work on “Batman Eternal” serves him well, with the dark undertones of the Dark Knight carrying over nicely into this real world horror, while the unearthly mood of that fateful evening is captured perfectly by artist Michael Avon Oeming, who’s bleak black, white and blue shades give the incoming threat an even creepier feel.

The source material is absolutely terrifying and the team of Tynion/Oeming have done their level best to bring to give us a taste of what the Hills had to endure and short of finding suspicious looking puncture marks on my body, they’ve been completely successful in that respect as every aspect of this book brings a chill to the bone and for bonus scares they also include the short “True Weird: Coney Island.” The Hills story has never officially been debunked and true or not, there’s no denying that it’s a fascinating slab of sci-fi and “Blue Book” is the proof….Chris Andrews.


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