Blood of Kings – Defiance (WTF Records)

While it may sound like the lead in to one of the punchlines that forms the curtain raising finale of the world’s first Hardcore comedian’s debut show, “What do you get if you cross Rykers, Terror and Sick Of It All?” isn’t meant to be funny. Which is probably the reason why there aren’t any HC comedians working the circuit. What you actually get is Blood of Kings. And clowning around and cracking wise are the last things that you’ll be thinking of doing when you spin Defiance, because you’ll almost certainly be too busy trying to start a solo circle pit while singing-a-long with this Hardcore wrecking crew.

You want the sort of songs that’ll peel your face off at fifty paces? Breakdowns that send shivers of excitement up and down your spine and make you want to dance your arse off? Choruses that are so darn big they make Hulk Hogan and Chewbacca look like midgets?  And lightning quick, turn on a dime tunes that remind you just how good Hardcore was, is and can be? Then folks, you’ve come to the right place, as Defiance delivers all of those things in abundance. You want the sort of Hardcore that’ll put a smile on your face and leave you begging for more? You got it. Meet your new Kings…  Tim Cundle

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