Bitter End – Illusions Of Dominance

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Bitter End – Illusions Of Dominance (Deathwish)
Governments think they control the people, mankind thinks it controls nature, Google thinks it controls the internet. It\’s all an illusion. We\’re being told we\’re being watched 24/7, but Bitter End wouldn\’t be the amazing band they are without telling us we should take matter in our own hands. This world is a shitty place, yeah, but what can you do? Curl up and wait for the enevitable end, or shed your fears and fight. Bitter End has your back with furious hardcore songs, more and more leaning towards crushing crossover and, wait for it…thrash! The angry, more barked vocals have matured towards a very impressive, and above all convincing way of \’singing\’. You will listen to Bitter End, as these lessons have to be taught. Martijn Welzen

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