Bishops Green – A Chance To Change

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Bishops Green – A Chance To Change LP/ CD (Rebellion/ Longshot/ Pirates Press)
Time is really flying… it doesn\’t seem like five minutes since Canada\’s Bishops Green unleashed their highly anticipated debut album \”Pressure\” yet here they are with a brand spanking new full length ready to go! I loved that record, so this one has a lot to live up to. Whilst \”Pressure\” was quite a progressive album, this one sees Bishops Green go back to basics. Gone are the more atmospheric elements that you heard on songs like \”Vacant State\” or \”Vengeance\”, this time around Greg and the boys have gone for a sound that reminds me of bands like Sham 69 or Angelic Upstarts – hard sharp and to the point. Lyrically too, although they have been always straight to the point, there is a lot of vitriol and bitterness. Song titles like \”Government Lies\” speak for themselves and on \”Dead and Gone\” when you hear lines like \”when we\’re six feet under will they fucking care?\” you know these guys are pissed! One thing they have managed though is to maintain a consistent sound – although this is overall pretty different to \”Pressure\” you can immediately tell that you are listening to Bishops Green as they have a distinctive and recognisable guitar sound and vocal style. Overall this sits somewhere between the songs from the debut EP and Pressure, so to be honest if you like either or both of those, you\’ll have no problem loving this one. Tom Chapman

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