Bio-­Cancer – Tormenting The Innocent

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Bio-­Cancer – Tormenting The Innocent (Candelight)
And you thought Kreator\’s Mille sounded like he had guzzled down a gallon of acid? Look further to the east… Athens, Greece to be exact. Bio-­Cancer have those fierce, aggressive vocals down to a t. That\’s not all; familiar, yet crunching riffs, sloppy bass, and pummeling drums make this actually quite a treat for all thrash disciples. \’Tormenting The Innocent\’ is in reality part ancient Dark Angel style thrash, part Holy Terror cross­over, a bit of primordial grind, with some minor touches of old Slayer and Kreator added. Not a bad cocktail if you\’d ask me, and the album cover is just the olive this drink needed. Cheers. Martijn Welzen

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