Bill Kirchen & Austin De Lone – Transatlanticana (The Last Music Company / Proper Records)


You know those days when everything goes wrong from the moment you rise to the minute you make it back through the door exhausted, fed up and thinking that maybe the best thing that could happen to the world and humanity would be for both to meet their maker in an endless field of mushroom clouds? Yeah, those days when it would be fine and dandy with you if the whole shebang went up in smoke and the cockroaches finally got their chance to invent the wheel, play with fire and see what they’re able to achieve with a little calculus and a smidgeon of physics. Well, next time you have one, take my advice and while you’re drinking your second beer (because the first just goes straight down) and contemplating the end of Mother Earth, instead of doing something foolish, spend an hour or two with Transtlanticana and I guarantee that it will put a smile back on your face and cure whatever it is that’s been ailing you.  It’s an unapologetic throwback  to a time when music was made to make you feel good and  life seemed a little brighter;  and after you’ve spent a while with Bill and Austin, you’ll be strutting around like you’re ten feet tall and nothing and no-one can touch you or make you feel like crap ever again. A boogie woogie collision of good old fashioned rhythm and blues and pure as the finest chewing tabbaccy no frills Country and Western, that sounds like Waylon Jennings jamming with Fats Domino and Ray Charles, Transatlanticana is the kind of record I while my hours away with at night knowing that if we, as a species, can make music that’s as soulful, beautiful and uplifting as this, then we can do anything. And listening to this record reassures me that when all is said and done, everything is going to be just fine. Take it away fella’s… Tim Cundle

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