Bent Out Of Shape – Old Rats On A New Ship (Demons Run Amok)

The name Bent Out Of Shape suggests something crooked is going on, but there is nothing suspicious about this release. This Dutch quartet have plunged headfirst into the pool of international streetpunk sounds, and come up trumps on their debut album. Picking up influences here and there, they come together to create a batch of catchy original tunes. Think the lo-fi guitars of Perkele or Templars, the rough and ready vocals of Loikaemie and the fantastic songwriting skills of United Bottles and you’re starting to put the picture together.

Here and there you can hear touches of The Bruisers, combining upbeat sections with pounding hardcore beats. They reference this crossover in the song Places To Go when they sing about feeling at home with “The outcast, the misfits, the ones who don’t fit in”, not to mention a cover of Stand By Your Guns from OG NYHC band Major Conflict. A standout track for me is Ghosts From The Past, with a killer guitar melody that gets under your skin, before rounding off with a rabble-rousing sing-a-long. If any of that sounds like it floats your boat, then grab a hold of this and get yourself all bent out of shape. Tom Chapman

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