Belzebubs – Pantheon of the Nightside Gods (Century Media)

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J.P. Ahonen’s demon worshiping, devotees of Lucifer, Belzebubs* have finally emerged from the shadows of the deepest, darkest corners of the four colour realm to unleash their stygian anthems dedicated to their master on an unsuspecting world. Nestled in the midst of the hallowed fog that separates death and black metal, Belzebubs liberally borrow from both genres to deliver a record of crushing brutality and ungovernable metal force that draws its power and inspiration from the most cherished denizens of the pit, Cradle of Filth and Morbid Angel.

For a band that claims to be steeped, from their black clad feet to their corpse themed face-paint, in the vilest of evil, Belzebubs have crafted an astonishingly catchy debut. Sure it’s riddled with blast beats, death growls and riffs that’ll make your flesh boil and bubble, but it’s a catchy, more metal than Ronnie James Dio’s stage costumes opus. Not as catchy as Boney M’s Greatest Hits or one of those Abba musicals granted, but it’s catchy nonetheless and is easily the most instant, and enjoyable, ode to the Prince of Hell that it’s been my privilege to enjoy in many a full moon. Hail Satan… Tim Cundle

*I hate to burst your bubble and tell you this, and much as I wish they were, Belzebubs aren’t real people. They’re comic book characters being played, in this instance, by a host of well-known musicians**. Which doesn’t have any bearing on the fact that Pantheon… will turn you inside out and allow the darkness to feast on your organs. So get into a Crowley state of mind and prepare to sacrifce yourself to evil. Hail Belzebubs…

** In certain metal and cult circles. Which means this circle, this one right here. And all of the others that you should be frequenting on a regular basis.

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