Bedford Falls – Send More Bees (Boss Tuneage)

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South Wales retro indie punkers release their third album after a six year gap and to be honest they could have been better placed if it was 1994 and they’d just finished a set at a certain legendary Newport venue.  They’ve certainly got the vibe that cocooned the Newport/Seattle explosion of that time and this album owes a lot to Dinosaur Jr., 60ft Dolls, Teenage Fanclub and their ilk.

When they’re rocking out this is damn fine lo-fi garage punk it’s just that in my mind they don’t do that enough.  Some of the slower more reflective songs are good but they do have a tendency to drift.

That said if you grew up on cans of warm Red Stripe, health hazard toilets and the most reheated fried chicken in the world (if you know then you know) you’ll likely lap this up with aplomb. Darrel Sutton

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