Beach Rats – Wasted Time 7” (Bridge Nine)

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What do you get if you throw current and former members of Lifetime, Bad Religion, The Bouncing Souls, Minor Threat and Dag Nasty into a practice room and tell them to do their damndest? You get Beach Rats, a band that celebrates everything wonderful about high velocity, melodic Hardcore who sound exactly like you imagine, and hope, they would.

Beach Rats, more than any other punk rock supergroup, really are the sum of their parts, combining the instantly memorable melodies of Bad Religion, Dag Nasty and Lifetime with the frantic energy of the Bouncing Souls and Minor Threat in a quintet of tunes that hurtle by in less than ten minutes. Seriously, there isn’t one song on this EP that breaks the two minute mark. They hit hard, they hit fast and stamp an indelible mark on your soul.  You already know that you want this record, heck you’d be a fool not to want it. And I know and you know that you’re no fool. So do the right thing and go get Wasted TimeTim Cundle

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