Are video slots related to video games?

Out of the billions and billions of active gamblers in the world right now there is probably one game that the majority of them are playing way more than the rest, and that is online slots. Seriously, it can be difficult to find anyone who isn’t spinning the reels of their favourite online video slots these days, they are quite literally that popular.

Indeed, online slots as we know them today would not be nearly as possible if it were not for the crucial development of video slots back in the 1980s. Before this slot machines were solely mechanical things, and as a result there was not nearly as scope to do more inventive things with them in terms of game theme or bonus features. The entire gambling industry owes a lot to video slots at, however how far are they related to video games? Read ahead to find out. 

The first video slots 

As we mentioned, the first bona fide video slots started appearing in the early 1980s in Las Vegas, and these were immediately met with a fairly sizeable amount of excitement as you might imagine. This was the first time that people had seen proper video screens on casino games, and it resulted in a huge amount of excitement back in the 80s. 

The first video slots were only made possible by the development of something called an RNG, or Random Number Generator. This made it possible for slot developers to create their games digitally but still make sure the outcome of the reels spinning was still as random as could possibly be. Without the RNG video slots simply would not exist. 

How video slots turned into online slots 

As soon as video slots became possible the stage was set for the eventual creation of online slots as we know them today, however it would take another couple of decades before online slots would become genuinely commercially viable. The developers could do all that they wanted; however without the necessary technology available in the Internet and computer fields they couldn’t have too much success. 

During the 90s the Internet was getting more and more developed at an exponential rate, so it was no surprise that pretty soon into the 21st century online slots could finally be made. 

Video slots and video games: How similar are they? 

It can be tempting to think that video slots and video games are incredibly similar due to their names, and in a way they were quite similar right at the start of their lives. Video games back in the early 90s were outrageously simple, however nowadays they are way more complex than video slots.

The closest you can get to a video slot that looks like a video game is something like Immortal Romance by Microgaming or Centurion by Inspired Gaming; the former has a genuine narrative to it, whereas the latter has several high definition mini-games to keep gamblers occupied. 

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