Apophis Theory – (X)(C)M(X)CMLII (Self)

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Portland, Oregon’s Apophis Theory is not a band I have just recently come across. I am very familiar with their music due to my involvement in the Underground Music Coalition, a FaceBook group dedicated to helping underground musicians find band members, gigs, even record label contacts. Heavy fucking metal at its finest, (X)(C)M(X)CMLII contains four furious songs full of high octane fun and fabulous musicianship. Normally EPs aren’t my favorite things but this one is just so damn good that I can’t find it in my heart to shit on its short length. Even just sitting here at my computer I find myself headbanging to these juicy tunes unashamedly. If you truly want to discover some metal for our modern times you need to check out (X)(C)M(X)CMLII from Apophis Theory. Jim Dodge

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