ASG – Survive Sunrise (Relapse)

A friend of mine recently turned me onto ASG. He was aware of my growing enjoyment of stoner rock and kindly shared Win Us Over with me during a road trip. Luckily for me the band was about to drop a follow-up album entitled Survive Sunrise. I snagged a promo, listened to it many times, and my life was forever enriched. Groovy riffs, varying vocal sounds, and solid production all added up to an album that is easily one of my favorites. From the title track to Tied Tongues, these songs deliver some of the best stoner rock I have ever heard aligning ASG up there with other my other favorite stoner bands Greenleaf and Sasquatch. From slow chill to hyper sprints, this album has everything I look for in an album. I definitely to survive the sunrise just so I can listen to more ASG. Jim Dodge

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