Anthrax – Kings Among Scotland (Nuclear Blast)

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Rarely do I listen to live albums these days. The reason is simple: they promise an experience that they can’t deliver on. Capturing the energy and excitement of a live show on a recording, no matter how HD or whatever, is damn near impossible. Attempting to package the might and majesty of a legendary band like Anthrax is a challenge that Kings Among Scotland rises to successfully. I have seen Anthrax live so I know that they bring a live show that is 100% engaging even without elaborate costuming or stage props and I can give an opinion like any other (pompous, arrogant) expert. If you can’t make it out to an Anthrax show or have seen them live but would like to recapture that feeling whenever the whim hits, you need to buy Kings Among Scotland. The set they play is full of all your favorite Anthrax songs (minus any from the John Bush era, sorry) plus some that will quickly add themselves to that list after you’ve heard them presented on this album. If you only buy one live recording, great oxymoron there, this year make it this one. Jim Dodge

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