Amon Amarth – Berserker (Metal Blade)

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If you’re already a fan of Viking metallers Amon Amarth you’re well aware of the ferocious attack that is their music. Fafner’s Gold gets this album off to a blazing start and things keep pounding thorough the last song, Into The Dark. One of my particular favorites is track four, Shield Wall. It’s heavy as hell yet still catchy, a difficult balance to achieve. Surprisingly (or may be not), Amon Amarth have always been able to maintain this balance while still creating songs that are seriously fucking awesome. I have listened to Berserker nearly every day since I got the promo, several times per day. There are a few things this album makes me went to do: 1) Grab my drinking horn. 2) Put on my best furry underwear, and 3) Raid villages! Jim Dodge

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