American War Machine – Unholy War (Bridge Nine)


Maybe it’s because I’m from the eighties and remember the seventies, but whenever I hear the word “super-group”, a shudder of fear runs down my spine and I can almost feel the pre-emptive disappointment begin to build in the back of my mind. Super-groups nearly always blew more chunks than that one drunk frat guy who bangs back a dozen banana smoothies and then insists on riding Space Mountain twenty times in a row. And whichever way you want to slice it, American War Machine are a “super-group”, a Hardcore one granted, but a super-group nonetheless. In fact, apart from being comprised of long-standing veterans of the Hardcore scene, the only other thing that separates American War Machine from almost every other super-group is that they don’t suck. They’re the anti-thesis of the super-group model. They don’t suck and they don’t rely on the combined history of the individuals involved to sell themselves. They just put the hammer down and play good, old fashioned, speed driven, rock’n’roll  influenced, catchy as all hell hardcore

Composed of members of Slapshot, Blood For Blood, Agnostic Front and more, American War Machine sound like a head on, four way collision between The Bruisers, Motorhead, Negative Approach and the aforementioned Slapshot.  Unholy War is anger driven, energy riddled music for the folks who’ve been constantly let down and disappointed by life. American War Machine play anthems for the disenfranchised, for the malcontents who’ve been left on the outskirts of every good thing that continually happens to, and for, the wrong people. American War Machine are the right super-group for the right time, and they’ll make believers out of even the most damaged of souls. Let’s have a war… Tim Cundle

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