Alex Story – Dancing Through Hell (Self)

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Over the years Alex Story has delighted his fans with a number of musical projects. Starting with Cancerslug, he worked his way through Born in Angel Blood, his place as vocalist with the legendary Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, Dick Solid and the Ratchettes, Alex Story and Cassie Roya Baher, and several acoustic projects, he has proven his musical proficiency and endless inspiration. Even during the ongoing world tour with Doyle he fits in Cancerslug shows, solo acoustic performances, and albums of his music, usually two or three a year. Dancing Through Hell is his new acoustic release featuring Cancerslug favorites as well as a few gems that are guaranteed to please even the most finicky CS fans.

I don’t want to ruin the surprises but I will say that Dancing Through Hell isn’t just a mishmash of his old songs slapped together just to make a buck off the ‘Slug Cult. It’s a fantastic reimagining of his music presented in that classic Alex Story fashion. If you haven’t listened to every one of his albums released over the last twenty years you have missed out on one of rock and roll’s most amazing evolutions. His declaration “I’m the king of the underground” (from Death March, the final track on the Beating a Dead Whore album) is no idle boast. It’s a Dick Solid fact. If you’ve never listened to any of his work, now is a great time to correct that mistake. Rise! Jim Dodge

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