ABIOTIC Debut New Single \”Molecular Rematerialization\”


Sophomore Album Casuistry Out April 17th on Metal Blade Records

ABIOTIC are set to release their new album \”Casuistry\” April 17th on Metal Blade Records. So far two blistering tracks from the band\’s sophomore release have been made available for streaming. Today as the band kicks off their North American tour, ABIOTIC has teamed up with Metal Sucks for an exclusive premiere of their next single \”Molecular Rematerialization\”. Check out the song HERE.

Guitarist John Matos commented on the new track: \”Molecular Rematerialization is one of my favorite songs off of Casuistry! You get to hear Brent kill it in a drum solo and it has Alex\’s signature shredful bass runs. We\’ll be playing this one and tons more off of Casuistry on our upcoming tour with Boris the Blade and Alterbeast!\”

A play through video for the song \”The Absence of Purity\” which features a guest solo from Between the Buried and Me\’s Paul Waggoner can be viewed HERE. Guitarist John Matos had to learn the solo and will be playing it live on tour this month!

The first song from Casuistry entitled \’Cast into the Depths\’ which features Dying Fetus front man John Gallagher on guest vocals is available for streaming at www.metalblade.com/abiotic.

By the end of 2014, ABIOTIC had re-tooled their line up by adding vocalist Travis Bartosek and drummer Brent Phillips. In the late summer of 2014, ABIOTIC ventured to Basement Recordings with acclaimed producer Jamie King. The collaboration would prove fruitful. Guitarist John Matos elaborates: \”Working with Jamie was unlike any other studio experience we\’ve had before. Tracking with someone who\’s produced bands like Between the Buried and Me, Wretched, and The Contortionist put our minds at ease and allowed us to put total trust in Jamie to achieve the sound we were looking for. It made the experience so comfortable and relaxed that we were really able to explore and create without boundaries. I think that\’s something that can be felt with this record.\”

An ABIOTIC record would not be complete without space-y leads and the bands brand of breakdowns. Leads were a major focus for the album. Seven of the nine tracks contain guitar solos from both John Matos and Matt Mendez. And, of course, Alex Vasquez\’s bass flourishes can be heard throughout. There\’s even a drum solo on \”Molecular Rematerialization.\”

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