V/ A – xXx Fanzine Presents: Still Having Their Say (Bridge Nine)

Released to tie in, and in conjunction, with xXx Fanzine (1983 – 1988), Still Having Their Say let’s the cream of the new school Hardcore crop pay homage to their musical heroes, influences and old school guru’s by having them cover songs from the mid-eighties (when Hardcore was really finding its stride) in their own inimitable, furious style. It’s a head on collision of the past and present that offers no quarter, takes no prisoners and delivers a slew of scene classics in fast, furious and abrasive fashion.

Offering nineteen different visions and versions of the songs that helped to build a generation, Still Having Their Say is a tribute to yesterday that proves that Hardcore and punk rock is timeless and continues to thrives in the hearts and minds of HC kids, young and old alike, everywhere. As with any comp., there are tracks that leave lasting, personal scars, that tear their way into your soul and while there isn’t a half- hearted or weak interpretation on offer, because every single band bring their A-game to the party, everyone is going to dig, and enjoy, something different on Still Having Their Say .

For me though, the stand out moments are Strife, Done Dying, Last Light, Shai Hulud, Fu Manchu, American Nightmare and the Riverboat Gamblers taking on Void, Government Issue, Uniform Choice, Raw Power, Circle Jerks, Cro-Mags and the Dicks respectively. Of course, it’ll almost certainly be different for you and while you may not be into the tunes that I am, I absolutely, one hundred percent with a side order of “Oh yes you most definitely will” guarantee that you’ll find at least three tracks on here that you’ll love until your terminal breath.  Come and join the Hardcore sing-a-long… Tim Cundle


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