8°6 Crew – Working Class Reggae LP (Une Vie Pour Rien)

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This is the fourth album from Paris reggae/ dub crew 8°6 Crew in almost 20 years. Their debut album came out a lifetime ago, but every now and again this soulful crew heads back into the studio to launch their latest selection of tunes onto an unsuspecting world, but this latest album really is their crowning glory. A lot of bands dabble with ska, some dip their feet into the world of reggae, but it\’s not just about being able to strum an offbeat or writing songs designed for the dancing – it\’s about understanding the sound, and being able to cook up your own authentic dish with the raw ingredients on offer. The 8°6 Crew has always had the skills to do so and this album is no exception. They fuse a warm sounding Hammond organ, a solid brass section and Roddy Radiation inspired guitar licks, adding some great vocals over the top. Sung at times in English but mostly in French, the music is instantly accessible but there is a depth to it so you can choose to sit down and absorb the sounds, or you can just get off your backside and hit the dancefloor with 8°6 Crew providing the soundtrack . As always, this album comes with a bonus collection of dub versions of some of the choice cuts so crank up the bass and get your groove on with 8°6 Crew\’s latest and greatest offering. Tom Chapman

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