’77 – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us


’77 – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us CD (Century Media)
If you are still missing Bon Scott’s unkemptly vocal charm, then Spanish rockers ’77 will fill that void nicely. Don’t get me wrong; they are in no way an AC/DC rip off, more like a pleasant follow up to Highway To Hell. ‘We Want More Rock And Roll’ perfectly sums up the eulogy this Spanish quartet adhere to and the abundance of astute lyrics shows plenty of streetwise nonchalance and swagger. ’77 are holding their heads high and blasting out what their hearts are feeling – guitar, bass, and throbbing drums… old school heavy rock ‘n’ roll. The album title track carefully fuses the highlights of Mr Scott’s AC/DC along with the delicacies of Thin Lizzy and their harmonious guitars. Having said that… the beauty of ’77 is sometimes the minimalist stance in which they keep the musical tones and rhythms, and during ‘Come & Join Us’ its simplistic beats and guitar riffs that strengthen the over-all end result. ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us’ is a heavy rock ‘n’ roll record that will appeal to a wide spectrum. Nice work lads! Mark Freebase

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