45 Adapters – Now Or Never 12” (Pirates Press Records)

Calling this record a mere 12” is something of an understatement. As usual Pirates Press Records have pulled out all the stops to give these New Yorkers something as good as it sounds. Teamwork at its best. For many a year now 45 Adapters have been plying their trade delivering their own unique twist on the oi oi sound. I recall not that long ago (or in another age, depending on your perspective) the boys from Duffy’s Cut seemed to be permanently sharing fliers for shows the two bands were playing together and that feels like the perfect match.

Both bands add a hefty dose of other influences into the genre. 45 Adapters have got a couple of big tricks up their sleeves. First and foremost is the spectacular vocal style of frontman (crooner) Gerrard Lindsay. His vocal style is full of passion and melody. But if you think that makes this band your typical sugar-oi! then think again, as their style is hard as nails, with tough backing vocals on the choruses. This is particularly evident on the opening and closing tracks – Now Or Never and Broken Man. Another notable detail is the hard R&B influence – no I’m not talking weak pop music, but a hark back to the pre-punk sounds with blazing guitars and up-tempo rock’n’roll.

My favourite number is Shabby, a song dealing with the subject of superficiality – mere clothes do not maketh the man! This one sees the 45 Adapters up the ante all round and is a killer tune. As usual with these guys it’s a shame it isn’t a full-length, but then again given their band name, you wouldn’t expect a release designed to be played at 33RPM now would you? Tom Chapman

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