10 Online Slots Tips That Will Help You Win Big


If winning big on slots sounds like your dream, then you would probably need a strategy of sorts to get the ball rolling. Firstly, it is important to understand that slots have the highest house edge of any casino games at Slotsbaby, so you are up against it before you have even spun a reel. All digital slots spins are created by a microchip that is also known as an RNG or Random Number Generator.  What this essentially does is constantly create number sequences and these are turned into good and bad spins across an entire online casino network. Despite your fate being at the hands of a computer microchip, there are some things that can be done to help you win more often. 

1. Choose Your Slot Site Carefully 

Getting off to a bad start is not an option and this is essentially what could happen if you are not extremely picky about the online casino company you keep. It is vitally important that you sign up to a reputable site that is fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. This will ensure that if you win big, you will get your money minus the excuses not to pay up. 

2. Bonuses 

Get bonus hunting and look for the best offers out there, you can do this yourself or let specialist gambling sites do the work for you. If you can afford to join as many online casinos as possible, then free casino cash can really mount up. 

3. Demo Play 

So you’ve picked a reputable site and taken up a welcome bonus, now demo play some slots to pick the game that interests you the most. 

4. RTP 

A pointer in the direction of slots with high RTP or Return To Player percentage scores can really help slots players win big. Games with high RTP scores are most likely to pay out over a series of thousands of spin and this can only be good for your bankroll. 

5. Bank Your Winnings 

This is a main stumbling block of many a gambler and it is often a very hard judgment call to make. When should you cash out? It is tempting to carry on playing when you are on a winning streak but the best thing to do is cash out as you go so you don’t lose everything. 

6. High Volatility Slots 

Even though the thought of taking on a slot that can suddenly payout handsomely is tempting, the reality can be hundreds of dead spins 

7. Low Volatility Slots 

These are the opposite of highly volatile slots but they do pay out more regularly than highly volatile slots. 

8. Budgeting 

Do not kill your bankroll and your bank account by failing to set yourself a casino budget. 

9. Responsible Gambling 

Gambling responsibly is highly advisable and the best way to do this is to set deposit and loss limits on your account. 

10. Take A Break 

If your luck is out do not chase your losses, in fact it is highly advisable to take a break and walk away.

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