10 Definitive 00’s Hardcore Albums

A List By Chris Andrews

By the time the year 2000 kicked in and the world didn’t end, hardcore was going through something of a makeover. The noughties was not as kind to NYHC stalwarts as the previous two decades, with most of the main players releasing distinctly average albums, but there was a rise in ‘traditional emo’ and it’s integration with a heavier sound. This was front and centre to hardcores continued success. The noughties also saw promising bands from the late 90’s reach their full potential with important releases.

Let’s jump in….

Converge Jane Doe

A seminal release from the band. Heavier, faster, chuggier and more insane than anybody thought possible. A milestone in heavy music.

Runner up:- Cursed – II

Against Me – New Wave

An album that plays like an autobiography. ‘New Wave’ was a step away from their usual sound, but saw the band take huge leaps in song writing ability and Laura Jane Grace has never sounded better.

Runner up:- Have Heart – The Things We Carry

Tragedy – Vengeance

Bringing crust punk and d-beat kicking and screaming into the new millennium, Vengeance is downright brutal.

Zeke – Dirty Sanchez

A number of Zeke albums could have made this list but ‘Dirty Sanchez’ upped the sleaze factor that was missing from hardcore and for that alone, it gets the nod.

Runner up:- Bane – Give Blood

Terror – Lowest Of The Low

Just when you thought old school hardcore had seen it’s last windmill, former Buried Alive singer Scott Vogel busts out Terror and the world is right again.

Runner up:- H20 – Nothing To Prove

Wisdom In Chains – Everything You Know

Take a dose of Sheer Terror, add a bit of Madball and the result is WIC. Everything You Know is the band’s finest moment to date

Runner up:- Knuckledust – Universal Struggle

Hatebreed – The Rise Of Brutality

The early 00’s saw Jamey Jasta become something of a household name within metal circles and ‘TROB’ is the perect pit album. Heavy, riffy and anthemic.

The Rival Mob – Raw Life

Smashing out of Boston came The Rival Mob with their old school hardcore/thrash anthems that was probably just a bit to early for the thrash revival that was to come.

Runner Up:- Blacklisted – We’re Unstoppable

Ignite – Our Darkest Days

If you thought Ignite had peaked in the 90’s then you were very wrong and anyone who can make U2 sound good automatically makes the list.

Runner up:- Comeback Kid – Wake The Dead

Nails – Unsilent Death

An album that ripped hardcore a new one. Brutally intense bordering on grindcore at times, former Terror guitarist Todd Jones did good.

Shout outs to:- Ninebar, No Turning Back, Rammalah, The Bronx. 108 Xibalba, Iron Age, Blood For Blood

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