Y Niwl – 5 (Aderyn Papur)

In 2010, no-one expected Y Niwl. If someone had said there was an instrumental surf band bursting out of North Wales then you wouldn’t have believed them. But burst they did, gaining more than their fair share of high profile press attention, arguably culminating at a commercial peak when Undegpedwar was used as the intro music for BBC’s Football Focus.

It’s now 2018 and Y Niwl (that’s Uh Nule for the majority; meaning The Fog) are back with long player number two entitled 5. Album number two is called 5? Well, it’s their fifth release and if you need any more confusion, their song titles are still Welsh translations of numbers that don’t reflect the track listing and instead imply the order in which they were written. What do you mean you’re not keeping up? It’s bloody genius!

If their debut was a straight-up love affair with a dishevelled Hank Marvin, then 5 is the more freaked out, psychedelic cousin trapped in Joe Meek’s cellar. The organ runs heavier and the guitars lean more to a Link Wray crescendo. The mood just got a whole lot more weirder and wonderful.

Tridegun is a gun slinging wig-out, Tridegpump has kidnapped the singer from the Blue Öyster Cult, Tridegpedwar is the sound of a Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci comedown, Tridegtri re-busts The Tornados’ surfboards, and Trideg retraces the footsteps of a party that once took place in Russ Meyer’s head.

It looks like Y Niwl have quit the weed and moved on to LSD, expanding their North Walian minds into deeper instrumental territory, hence not simply repeating what has gone before. If Quentin Tarantino  needs an über cool soundtrack for his next flick, then Y Niwl have already recorded it. Ginge Knievil

Check out Y Niwl here

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