Wisdom In Chains – Nothing In Nature Respects Weakness (Demons Run Amok)

You know those bands that you keep meaning to check out but for one reason or another you just never get round to listening to? Yeah, well Wisdom In Chains are one of the bands that I never got around to checking out despite spending the last decade telling myself that I had to. And damn, after listening to Nothing In Nature don’t I feel like the newbie kid who, hitting his first pit, went clockwise and got knocked straight on his arse for not doing what I told myself I would. I’ve just spent the last hour shaking my fist at the heavens (and I don’t even believe in Bod or Jeebers) while wailing “Why I didn’t I check these guys out sooner?”, because I’ve been, and am, completely sold on their Sick Of It All meets Ignite meets Dag Nasty flavoured high energy, infectious Hardcore. This is my kind of ‘core, hard hitting and full of the kind of songs that armour you against, and help you to prepare to face, all of the world’s ills. Nothing In Nature just hit the top of my play list and Wisdom In Chains might just be one of my new favourite bands, so you’re going to have to excuse me because I’m going to have bow out for a couple of hours. I’ve got a heck of a lot of Wisdom to catch up on… Tim Cundle

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