Watts – All Done With Rock N Roll (Rum Bar Records)

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Boston’s sharp dressed men known as Watts are All Done With Rock N Roll. Surely not? I kinda get where they’re coming from. If you turn on some big, overground music festival coverage, the hipsters going for a “life experience” prefer to sing the riffs and not the words. It must do a music snob’s head in. Ahem. With the EP title track, it’s the guitar stabs straight from Rick Nielsen’s songbook that blow any aforementioned mass gathering of bloated devil horns out of the water. The more you play it, the more it gets etched in your brain whilst you go about the mundanity of everyday life. You’re doing the dishes and then BAM! It’s trapped in your head again. Complete with 60s bubblegum doo-wop interludes and chanty outro gang vocals, it’s a three minute treat and within its simplicity lies its beauty.

If those in the UK need a reference point for the following two tracks, then it may be worth blowing the dust off your 1990s Britrock 45s. Hi Definition hits like a less frantic 3 Colours Red. If you close your eyes you’d think Pete Vuckovic was rasping away in the armchair next to you. The same could be said for Sunlight Alleys, which could easily have slotted in on the first Stereophonics LP with its big chords and verse vocal stylings. Christ, it could even be a Radio 2 playlist botherer given half a chance. I can hear Ken Bruce now: “Ah, that was the new one from Watts. Here’s Lynn Bowles with the traffic…”

Concluding rocker Tear It Up has more Cheap Trick rubber stamping courtesy of the guitar and drum work. In short, the whole EP has huge commercial appeal with its blend of 60s power pop meets 70s hard rock. Will someone take a big radio punt on Watts? Probably not, and that’s a shame. This kind of rock ‘n’ roll could do some airwave damage and would be welcomed over the current pop rock mainstream pap we’re force-fed. Now, is it time for PopMaster yet? Ginge Knievil

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