Wasted Death – Ugly As Hell (APF Records)

You just can\’t keep these creative types down. With the world stuck on pause for twelve months, you have to admire the drive and determination these musicians find to keep pushing out new material in ever more inventive and unique ways. We’ve seen collaborations that perhaps without being forced to stay at home, we might never have seen and with that in mind the world has spewed up another offering from Petbrick and Big Lad’s main man, Wayne Adams. The noise guru, who has a history of producing abrasive walls of sound with the likes of Iggor Cavalera has roped in Charlie Davis of blackened sludge champs Beggar and Tom Brewins of USA Nails to create 5 tracks of d-beat hardcore in Ugly As Hell, their debut E.P.

Thickened Skulls comes raging out of the traps at 200mph like a down tuned Discharge and what is immediately apparent, is like all the best music in this genre, five songs are going to fly by in a heartbeat. With that said though we do get over 4 minutes, where the speed slows down somewhat in Spat Out, a track that recalls the likes of Black Breath. With it’s snarled vocals and breakneck speed we are in early Napalm Death territory with I’ll Feed It To You. As a person who appreciates a witty song title Bumfuck Nowhere will remain with me for some time, as will the track itself with it’s mid-tempo Nails stylings. And just like that we are at the end as perhaps the most experimental and noisy track of the bunch May As Well Not plays us out.

Do you remember when Brutal Truth used to have the odd experimental moment whilst still battering your skull in. Yeah, it’s a bit like that. Grind fans, Noise fans, Hardcore fans, Punk fans. You will all find something to enjoy here. Wasted Death take approximately 13 or so minutes to cave your cranium in but it’s the best 13 minutes you will experience in 2021. Ugly As Hell is beautiful… Chris Andrews

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