War After War – No Change (APF Records)

War After War are what happens when members of BongCauldron and Nomad are pushed too hard for far for too long. Despairing for the future and infuriated by the hidden cogs and malicious gears that cause the world to tick and tock to a soundtrack of inequality and division, War After War express their disdain and disgust in the only way they know how; by writing a brace of anger driven anthems that rally against inequality, injustice and…well, in their own words “dickheads”. No Change is the sound of this disgruntled trio of doom obsessives pushing back and pushing back hard. And it is fantastic.

Drawing their inspiration from the classic era of New York Hardcore, namely early Sick Of It All, Antidote and Sheer Terror and late eighties UKHC (is that a little Heresy I can hear? Of course it is!), War After War turn everything up to eleven and kick in some solid as a rock doom laden grooves and breakdowns to occasionally ease up on the skull shattering riffs, lightning quick, Earl Hudson flavoured drumming and barked, angst ridden vocals. War After War don’t hang around, they don’t mess about and armed with the kind of songs that you’d swear were written on the Lower East Side in 1986, get straight to the point in less time than it took the Millennium Falcon to do the Kessel Run with Han Solo at the helm.  Hot damn, I love this record… Tim Cundle

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