Wadey Wednesday – Hasbro x Deadpool Fan Announcement…


Today we have a very exciting new Deadpool product announcement, so forget #FanFirstFridays for now and say hello to… WADEY WEDNESDAY  (Wadey is for Wade Wilson)!

Goodbye Hump Day …Hello Wadey Wednesday! Why a Wednesday for Deadpool’s special day? Well, he asked for a full month but got rejected. So Deadpool settled for a Wednesday, but we all know that secretly every day is Poolsday.  

In honour of this Deadpool-filled holiday Hasbro is thrilled to bring our adult Marvel fans and collectors a unique and fun way to play pranks, make jokes, and insult friends & family— Deadpool’s Head! – It’s premium AND interactive! AND made by the Jerks who brought you Marvel Legends! Beginning today, June 17th, you can preorder this hilarious product inspired by everyone’s favorite chimichanga loving and wisecracking Marvel anti-hero! But remember, it’s Deadpool so it’s not for kids, sweetie. 


The Marvel Legends Deadpool’s Head is a premium, electronic, interactive, app-enhanced collectible with over 600 SFX and phrases, multiple sensors, and motors for expressive movement. Using the free app, set Deadpool up to play pranks, insult your friends and loved ones, or wake you up every morning… maybe even on time! Featuring a design inspired by the Merc with a Mouth, the Deadpool’s Head is a killer collectible for any nerd’s shelf. (Note: Deadpool’s Head will not actually kill you. It’d get lonely.) Available for pre-order at Amazon.

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