Voice of Addiction – The Lost Art of Empathy (Self)

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Remember the good old days when you dropped the needle on a record and the music used to leap from your speakers and hit you square in the middle of your chest like a sledgehammer, knocking the breath from your body and wind out of your sails, leaving you a crumpled, shell-shocked heap of mangled meat? You do? Well prepare to relive them, because that’s exactly what The Lost Art of Empathy is going to do to you aging hardcore misanthropes and fresh faced punk rock whippersnappers alike. Hitting like an intelligent, savvy, switched on, socially and politically aware gang of misunderstood delinquent’s comprised of Naked Raygun, Propagandhi, Dillinger Four and Toxic Reasons , Voice of Addiction believe in, and play hyper-charged, powerful punk rock that once heard, will never, ever be forgotten. And it’s good. It’s very, very good.  Get ready to be blown away… Tim Cundle

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